We are a group of people dedicated to being naked and free in the outdoors! The feeling of being in a remote  location and shedding your clothing and inhibitions is a feeling cannot be described, it must be experienced! We aim to facilitate you with some encouragement to do this and the knowledge of great locations for your own naked in nature experience.

A Brief History

What began as an innocent bush walk back in 2014, quickly transformed into the beginning of something huge! After stripping off on a mountain top overlooking the Nepean River, that feeling of liberation, confidence and freedom was unlike anything Brendan, founder of Get Naked Australia, had ever felt. It became a habit, everywhere he went he wanted to get naked in nature. Pretty soon others wanted in on the act, and he was joined by his friends, stripping off in nature and freeing their inhibitions.

Wanting to share his new found love of being naked in nature with the world, he created an Instagram account, which, in 10 months, gained 125,000 followers - it seems he wasn't the only one stripping off in the great outdoors. Suddenly photographs were coming in from all over world, depicting men and women comfortable in their own skin, at one with nature.

Brendan realised such an open expression of body positivity needed to be shared and celebrated, and so Get Naked Australia was born.