The Get Naked Australia "Shadow Ban"

The Get Naked Australia "Shadow Ban"

Earlier this week we discovered that our Instagram account @getnakedaustralia, which is our primary platform of communication, had been shadow banned by the media giant.  If you are like we were 5 days ago and are clueless as to what this means, it means that the hashtags we use to engage with a new audience were no longer discoverable. Hashtags help broaden the reach of our message that nudity should be fun and embraced and used as a way to become more positive about our bodies. However with the shadow ban, it meant that the photos we posted would not appear in anyone's news feed who wasn't already a follower. Given our aim to spread our message far and wide, this was having a huge impact on the exposure of our posts. We soon discovered that it had been like this for months as our followers have not grown, where previously we were growing at a rate of 1000 followers a week.

Initially, we thought it was due to that fact that we began using automation services linked to the Instagram to help schedule posts. This was purely to ensure consistency with our posting and to lighten the load a little bit. However, we removed all automation and this did not change anything.

We then got a notification from Instagram saying the photos with the #getnakedaustralia hashtag are currently hidden because the content doesn’t meet Instagram’s community guidelines. This implied that our content was somewhat inappropriate, as we have previously had a number of photo's removed for the same reason. Are bums really that offensive??


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This was upsetting for two reasons:

Firstly, because the notification stated that "the community had reported some content". I seriously doubt that any of our followers (who are the only ones who can see the photo’s given the shadow ban) would report our photos? Why follow a page just to report it? It’s illiogical. So I don't believe it.

Secondly due to the inconsistency. If our photo’s of “bums” are so inappropriate, why are there so many other pages allowed to exist which show more nudity than ours and are a complete objectification of the human body. There are thousands of pages which show objectification of females through nudity and sexually suggestive photos. All you have to do is search in Instagram “hot naked bitches” and you’ll see an array of photo’s and pages pop up. Why does Instagram allow this yet limit the reach of our page?


We were obviously very frustrated, and voiced our frustration on social media. This is where things got interesting. 

It was evident that there was an incredible amount of support from all of the followers of Get Naked Australia, including you. The comments were amazing. It showed that our message resonates with so many of you and how this has affected so many of your lives for the better.. Our message had been received and the support you showed us was astounding. The noise that we all made was heard and we were contacted by the media less than a few hours after our post.

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Soon, our story was on the Dailymail,, Yahoo and The Sun UK. Within a 12 hour period the ban was reversed and our hashtags are now discoverable. The response we received from Instagram were that there was a bug throughout the application, and that the page may have been triggering the spam filters due to repetitively using the same hashtags. We received no reply as to whether our content is deemed as inappropriate, but this may be a battle we need to fight another day.

However, what we can learn from this is that WE HAVE A VOICE. Our goal of changing the stigma associated with the naked body is being heard, and the message is resonating far and wide. So lets please keep the momentum going!!! Share this article, tag your friends in posts, spread the word about what Get Naked Australia stands for and lets all learn to love ourselves a little bit more, and spend more time soaking up nature in the buff!!

We would like to extend a huge Thank you to all involved in this minor mishap including Instagram, Caters News but most importantly to YOU, our warriors and advocates. We will be returning to our regular features soon!

Stay naked,


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Places to Get Naked: Broker's Nose, Wollongong

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