Stop the Sexual Objectification!!

Stop the Sexual Objectification!!

Yesterday, I posted a photo that a 21 year old girl sent in with the caption that it was her first skinny dip. And WOW, what a shit storm of comments that followed. There were the usual ones you unfortunately expect to see, the perverts, the sexually inclined, the trolls commenting horribly objectifying rubbish. A lot of these we simply delete, block and ignore.

But this time round, something worse happened. When a few others and I called out the bad behaviour from these basement dwelling keyboard warriors, we were met with a barrage of criticism from a number of men and women accusing us of being on a moral high horse. Their reasoning, “she posted it online, she’s asking for it and should expect these kinds of comments”. What. The. Hell. What’s worse, these comments were from both males and females with normal looking profiles. Not troll accounts. And I believe that they genuinely believe that these comments are justified.

So I jumped online and I did get on my moral high horse as I felt someone needed to and posted the following comment:

Just because there is a young, “attractive” body on this page, does not mean she’s putting herself out there to be objectified. She is not asking for it!

Maybe, she, like most other good natured people on this site, just enjoyed her skinny dip and wanted to share it with others in the hope they do the same? Maybe she doesn’t want to see your “great sexy ass” comments and “eggplant” emoji’s. Maybe she just wants to join in on the freedom that is being naked in nature? Just because she’s “attractive” does that mean she’s not allowed?

Where are all your “she’s asking for the objectification” when it’s a 55 year old female? Get your head out of your arses and stop defending your own perversion with pathetic excuses like ‘she’s asking for it’. 

Move on to a different page as you are not wanted here

Still some people didn’t get it, so lets put the same example into different context. Let’s say you post a selfie. You do it because you want to feel good about yourself and express a feeling you’ve had or an experience from that day. But let’s say people find you extremely ugly, regardless of the intent behind the photo which they’ve chosen to ignore. They comment things like, “That’s a head for radio”, “Those teeth of disgusting”, “I’d never go near that”. They are purely objectifying your facial features and ignoring the context of the photo. This then makes you feel sad, as people are viewing you like an object and this was not the intent of the posting the photo. Do people have a right to comment what they want because you posted it online? Are you asking to be judged on your physical appearance, simply by posting a photo?

So when someone you find attractive posts a photo on Get Naked Australia or their personal profile detailing her first skinny dip and you feel the need to comment “Nice Arse” or the eggplant/splash emoji, or you simply defend these comments by saying she’s asking for it. Think about one of your family photo’s. What if some random online starts commenting on yourself or one of your kids physical appearance, despite the context of the photo being at family Christmas. How would that make you feel!?? Pretty shit right? Just because this photo involves a naked female, it’s not suddenly a free market for sexual comments and physical objectification. Absorb the context of the photo and the page it is on and comment appropriately. For example, “Good on you, I hope you enjoyed your experience”. “Looks like an amazing place to have a swim”. See the difference?

Let’s do better people. We seriously have to for future generations.

Secondly, the positive response I received in direct messages from people, predominantly women was overwhelming. I am so humbled and I will continue to stand up for these matters as it’s a societal necessity. But I am only one voice. We need more voices!!! Instead of direct messages, let your voice be heard publicly. Call out the shit talk. Educate those that don’t know any better. Don’t be scared to comment. I know this is easy said than done, and online can be just as intimidating as in real life, but your voice will be heard and it will be backed by a large number of people. 100 voices is better than one. Lets call out the shit talk. But lets also be positive. Positivity trumps negativity every time! Leave positive comments, don’t just hit the like button. Encourage your fellow human for sharing their images and telling their stories. This problem does seem to be heavily swayed towards one gender, but it happens the other way. But very rarely. It’s important for the good men, to show their support for the good women. This is not a feminist issue. This is a human issue and we’re all involved. There’s nothing more powerful than men and women voicing their united opinion to achieve positive change.

It starts now. Normalise nudity. Stop the sexual objectification.

International Skinny Dip Day 2019 - Cobblers Beach

International Skinny Dip Day 2019 - Cobblers Beach