5 Signs of a Nude Beach Creeper

5 Signs of a Nude Beach Creeper

In the first few blogs about cleaning up naturism we touched on cleaning up online. It's something we can all help do and there's been a number of people who have helped in this process so far and for that, we thank you deeply. Keep it up.

However the return of spring is fast approaching and for the first time in months, it will be warm enough to get out there and spend some time naked in nature!! How exciting!!! But there are a number of problems that currently exist within Australian naturism with one of the main reasons being that there are too many creeps. The online congestion of these douchebags is dying down thanks to all of your help, but now lets talk real world. Lets learn how to identify the "Nude Beach Creeps"

A nude beach is a great place for someone to start their first naked in nature experience in the company of others. It's laying in the sun and swimming in the ocean naked. Who wouldn't want to do that!? The best thing here is that the nudity is the norm. Its a great introduction and most people who have been would go back again. However there are a few undesirables that want to ruin it for everyone. They see naked people on the beach and feel like they must "want it" or at least "want their company" or at the very least "want their photo taken and kept in their spank bank". You think I'm joking, but this is the mentality of some people. It's pathetic and needs to change. Nudity is not always sexual. And a naked person on the beach is not an invitation. 

The following are the five types of creeps that lurk in these places that need to be identified so that they can be removed.

1. The Sneaky Photographer

Phones are a way of life now. They are basically a body part now, particularly for the younger generation. All phones now have camera's and it makes it super easy for the creepy people to take a quick snap of someone on the beach. Be on the lookout for those people that seem to be hiding the use of their phone. If someone is doing something with their phone that they wouldn't normally be doing on a regular beach, they are probably up to no good. Look at the phone angle, is the camera pointed somewhere different to their line of sight? Look for a flash going off and a quick cover up? Generally, if something doesn't look right, it probably isn't.

There's a natural etiquette when it comes to taking photo's at the beach. Generally it's not done. However, if you are going to take a snap, make sure you or whoever you are with are the only people in the photo's. At the very least, make sure the people are so distant in the photo that they cannot be identified or they 'bits' are exposed. If someone is laying on their towel playing on their phone as they normally would anywhere else, this doesn't give you the right to tell them to put it away. But if you see some behaviour that just doesn't seem right, or someone is obviously taking photo's of other people you're probably in the presence of a creep. 

2. The "Guy that sits Way too Close"

This is irritating at regular beaches. But at nude beaches, its a tell tale sign of a creep. Especially when there's a whole stretch of beach, this person somehow plonks his towel down 2 metres from where you are sitting. This is just rude! People are entitled to have some personal space, particularly at a nude beach. Their method for sitting quite close to you, is probably to have a closer look. Its pathetic yes, but it does happen. Be aware of this and don't be afraid to move away.

There is an exception of course. Beaches like Sydney's Cobblers can get so packed in summer that it literally runs out of spots on the sand in which case people have to lay right next to you. However, if the beach is empty and someone lays next to you.... Bail.

3. The Followers

These are my personal favourite because they think they are subtle, but they are definitely not. The Followers are the people I refer to that either follow people physically, or follow people with their eyes. An example of the "physical following" is when a young group of girls get up of their towels and head into the water. You'll see the creeps slowly get up off their towels one by one and also decide that "now is a great time for a swim". They'll then hover near by, fishing for eye contact or a chance to say something. The moment the girls head back to their towels, the creeps then decide to head back to their spot on the sand. Anyone who's a regular at a nude beach has seen this behaviour. Sometimes its coincidental, but repeated behaviour like this = creep.

In addition you get the people who's eyes come across a pair of boobs or a 9 inch penis and they just can't look away. I know it's obvious but if they are a starer, its another tell tale sign. While I still put these people in the "followers" category, is because their eyes follow their favourite body part wherever they go. Stay away from these people and watch their eyes and head movements when someone attractive walks past.

4. The Overprotective

When there's people that are clearly first timers to the beach, or there is a solo female present, I think it is a nice gesture for some of the more "regular" people to go and introduce themselves and offer these people somewhere to sit or a point of contact if they feel uncomfortable in any way. This is a great courteous act and is often done in good naturist places to make people feel comfortable. However, this generous act gets abused. Again, the creepers have hijacked it. Sometimes, they go and introduce themselves and say feel free to join us if you want, or if you have any issues let me know. But instead of just leaving it there like they should, they persist. They continue and press for conversation. They return a 2nd and 3rd time to "check in". This is rubbish. Over persistent and pushy behaviour to socialise is not on. Make your intentions known and leave it at that. The person will contact you if they then choose to. Anyone who takes this further than that should be avoided and caution should be taken.

5. The Fraud

This is the worst type of creep. These are the people who appear within the "regular crowd" but exhibit the above behaviours. However, they are a protected species and are hard to manage. This is one of the biggest problems in Australian Naturism and something that is only going to be solved through power in numbers and speaking out against it.

It is important to note that the above mentioned people who act in this manner are definitely the minority. Remember, there are good people everywhere. I don't want this blog piece to deter anyone from getting involved. But it is important that you are able to identify the actions of inappropriate people other than the blatantly obvious ones. The more we can idenfity these people, the more we can call them out. Remember creeps are cowards. When they get busted creeping, they run and hide, never to return.

Identify the creep, call them out if you have the numbers and help clean up naturism :)


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