Cleaning Up Online: #cleanupnaturism

Cleaning Up Online: #cleanupnaturism

We recently shared a very important blog post about our plans to "Clean Up Australian Naturism". If you haven't read it, I suggest you do before continuing this. The perverts have hijacked the true naturism culture and values and we need to take it back. There will be a number of steps required to be taken by all people participating in the GNA movement in order for it to be successful. But unfortunately this will take time, and will be more achievable in summer because lets face it, it's too bloody cold to spend too much time naked in nature. So what can we do in the short term to help change this perverted culture amongst Australian Naturism?

We can begin by cleaning up online.

The Get Naked Australia movement built up it's audience through regular photo contributions by people of all shapes and sizes showing themselves in great scenic locations around the country. We have loved seeing so many new people get involved in our new and fun movement. However, it has not come without it's problems. I'm sure most of you following the page have seen the vast difference in "likes" between the female photo's and male photo's. Similarly the difference in the comments. Now, I think there will always be a higher amount of likes for females for a few reasons. These include the macho mentality of males not wanting to like/comment on photo's of other males as it might be perceived as "gay" (this is a huge issue in itself but no room to rant about that here), and the fact that females are generally a much more supportive gender with their "you go sister" approach. I don't mean this as offensive at all, just a trend I've noticed with the comments. However, despite these reasons, there is still a huge difference in the engagement of the female photo's vs the guys. Why? Too many pervs.

The problem deepens as he pervs don't just stop there. They comment horrendous things informing the audience "what they would like to do to that body" as if it were a piece of meat for their taking. They don't comment on the scenery, or what the image represents. They comment on the shape of the bottom in the photo, they give it a rating out of 10 and my pet peeve, they post those bloody Emoji's with love heart faces on it!!! Bugger off.

Then the worst of it happens. The photo isn't enough for them, they decide that they want more thrills and decide to follow or message the person in the photo. Messages can include text such as "looking good baby" or "Great arse, want me in it?". They might invite you to hang out with them in their basement which is sponsored by Sorbolene so you can "Rub the lotion on its skin". And lastly, you guessed it, they send a dick pic. Because that's what males and females who have used their social media accounts to show a natural expression of freedom want to see, they want to see photo's of your penis. Where this trend came from is beyond me. Sending an unsolicited, sexually explicit photo to someone you don't know is abuse. You should be fined or locked up for it in my books.

This goes on daily on many forms of social media outlets, but this doesn't mean you should ever feel like you can't post these types of photo's on social media. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a photo of a bare bum in nature and if someone see's your photo and is inspired to do the same, then you have helped contribute to our cause and we love it. So naturally we don't ever want this social media trend/movement to stop. So we need to act.

 What can we do about it?

Step 1: Learn How to Identify the Creeps by their methods

These include,

  • Sexually driven comments.
  • Comments with those love heart eyeball emoji's - Always always used by pervs
  • Profiles that have no photo's of themselves or no photo's at all - Made by pervs to follow particular pages on social media
  • Profiles that have sexual content on it
  • Unsolicited Direct Messages
  • Profiles that consistently only comment on female photo's
  • Profiles that are made for "Nude or Nudist" purposes - There are some exceptions here as some accounts are made for professional reasons, but be cautious of these. In my experience, the people that introduce themselves as "genuine nudists looking to meet like minded individuals" are creeps and are using the terminology for their own perversion.
  • People that make excuses for other peoples bad behaviour. I was previously in a group where the naturism culture seemed to be on the right track. Yet, this group, like many others became an exhibitionist playground for some people. When the content was questioned by members, the administrator of the group defended the actions of the people posting these photos. This is dangerous. Keep your eye out for this behaviour, and if you see it, leave immediately. 

Step 2: Make your account PRIVATE and UNTAG yourself from accounts where you may have featured.

Humans crave attention and many of us have developed this unnatural obsession for FOLLOWERS as if it somehow makes us important. Lets say you work up the courage and you get naked in nature, take a great shot and want to share it with the world. Great!! I encourage you to do so, but we will now be encouraging anonymous submissions and not tagging. You might not like this as you may want the followers. It may make you feel popular having more followers than all of your friends. But when your new followers that you have obtained from featuring on GNA or from using our hashtags keep coming you start to get a bit worried. They start liking all your other photos and then they start messaging you, stalking you.. and sending you the dreaded dick picks... you start to wonder.. is it really worth it!?? The simple answer is no. Stop the unhealthy obsession with followers. You most likely aren't going to make a living off your social media account, despite what all these influencer articles going around are telling you. Lets put it in perspective. Our social media account @getnakedaustralia is on Facebook and Instagram and has a combined following of 250,000 followers. Do you know how much money the GNA account has made, despite being on national TV, Radio and being featured in global press? $0. If we want to feature your photo we will always encourage anonymity. But if you request to be tagged, we will tag you as it is your photo and you are in it. You have that right. But please please please have your account on PRIVATE if you want to be tagged so you can use your common sense in regards to which accounts you want following you. We never want people to stop contributing to our cause, but we always want you to feel comfortable in doing so!

3. Don't follow or share your photo's with the dodgy accounts.

There are a number of pages similar to Get Naked Australia on Instagram such as @getyourassintonature, @naturebums @getnakedworldwide and @thenakedfarmer. But for every good page, there's 100's of other horrible perverted ones. These pages copy what we've done and use it as a way to collect female nudes. How do you tell which is good and which is bad? Look at the ratio. If they feature 90% women, they don't stand for what they claim for and they are most likely creeps. Don't fuel the fire.

4. Don't encourage bad behaviour.

If some grub comments on your photo something like "Hot sexy arse baby, looking good" and you like and respond to that comment with a polite "Thanks" you are encouraging bad behaviour. Ignore comments like this and delete them. If anyone we feature responds to the perverted comments this way, we will remove the photo straight away, as you are not helping us clean up naturism.

5. Call them out!!

Social media is great in the sense that you can simply block, ignore and delete people. This is something we can all do immediately to help clean it up. However, some pervs are consistent. In which case we need to call them out. Continual harassment should be taken seriously and report the accounts to the police. 

Finally we need to ask for your help. There are a few of us that patrol the GNA accounts on Instagram and Facebook and we all have jobs and careers that need our attention. We cannot police the accounts 24/7 and whilst we appreciate the messages we get sent about negative comments, we don't always have time to get to deleting them all. So please, if you see something unsavoury on our photo's, CALL THEM OUT! Let them know their comments are not wanted and use the hashtag #cleanupnaturism. This doesn't have to written aggressively, but it needs to be said. Secondly, if you receive a message from someone claiming to be from GNA and asking you to join in or meet up with them for a hike, they are more than likely not involved with us in any capacity. Contact us directly and please let us know the culprit so we can take action.

We have been working non stop at cleaning out our account. Hence why our following hasn't gone up much over the past few months (plus the bloody shadow ban). But our engagement, and percentage of female followers is higher than ever, which definitely tells us we are on the right track. 

Sorry for the lengthy blog, but if we can all start identifying the social media grubs and implementing the above action plan on our social media accounts, our message will spread to the right audience and we can all be more comfortable with sharing our naked in nature experiences on our social media platforms and keep the positive movement going.


Cleaning Up Naturism: What an amazing start!!

Cleaning Up Naturism: What an amazing start!!

Cleaning up Australian Naturism

Cleaning up Australian Naturism