4 Health Benefits of Being Naked in Nature

4 Health Benefits of Being Naked in Nature


Ok, so we all know that being out in nature is good for us and also feels pretty damn good! But what if I told you it could feel even better and be outrageously good for your health!

We are chatting about being naked in nature and its drastic effects on your health.

Let’s be honest!

A lot of us sit in side for a large proportion of each day. Whether it be for work, sitting in front of a computer screen under fluorescent lights or at home absorbed by the newest Netflix series. Simply put, we aren’t getting nearly enough nature time, which can be having a larger impact then we all think!

Here are 4 reasons to get up, get your gear off and go outdoors more often!

1. Lower Stress
Being naked in nature naturally reduces stress. Many studies have widely investigated natures physiological effects on the brain and the management of stress. Advanced brain imaging technology showed that the brains activity while placed in nature supported emotions such as empathy, love and contentment. On the other side of things, brains placed in a man-made environment displayed emotions such as fear, anger and stress. It seems that everyone is in search for that little magic pill that reduces stress. Well, we may have just found a solution… BEING NAKED IN NATURE!

2. Immune Booster
Naked sunbathing and soaking up the sun delicious rays can also help boost your immunity. Letting the sun hit your bare skin allows you to absorb a healthy dose of the ‘sun vitamin’, Vitamin D. Vitamin D works directly with your immune system to help fight off any invaders and pathogens entering the body. While you want to practice naked sunbathing safely, a boost of Vitamin D can support your immune system to efficiently get to work fitting off bacteria and infections while you sit back and bask in the suns rays.

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3. Boost your self confidence
Increasing the time you spend in the nude is a great way of getting in touch with your body. Most people are disconnected from their bodies, feeling ashamed, self conscious or embarrassed. Being naked in nature allows for developing self acceptant and help build a health relationship with your beautiful naked bodies. So why not find a private location (can you link your article here?) and practice a bit of being naked in nature.

4. Increase Gut Health
Surprisingly enough, nature can also have a remarkable effect on your gut health, which we all know is essential for health. A healthy gut is all to do with a balance of tiny microbes that live in your intestine. The more diverse your microbiome, the healthier and happier your gut becomes. To increase the diversity of your microbiome you simply need to be exposed to an array of bacteria. Being naked in nature not only feels great but exposes you to bucket loads of different species of bacteria and micro-organisms. These tiny microbes interact with your gut microbiome, resulting in a healthy and diverse gut flora and a happy little tummy.

Now go get naked, it’s good for your health!



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