Welcome to Get Naked Australia

Welcome to Get Naked Australia

Hello and welcome to the Get Naked Australia blog!

Firstly, I would like to say a huge Thank You for your involvement in the movement so far and for being avid supporters of Get Naked Australia, particularly those who have subscribed to this blog. The Get Naked Australia concept of being naked in nature as way to improve your body confidence began on Instagram a little over 12 months ago and since then it has been an overwhelming experience. The movement has been featured in numerous articles online and has made some media appearances on Triple J’s “The Hook Up” and Channel 10’s “The Project”. It has been great to see that our concept is getting out there and I am so happy that it has resonated with so many of you. But it’s time for more. We need to see nudity in a different light and I’m hoping this blog can help do that.

For those of you who haven’t seen me or heard me in our features on TV and radio, my name is Brendan and I first started Get Naked Australia on May 28, 2016. I’m just a guy who enjoyed the liberating feeling of being naked in nature and wanted to share it with you all. Yes, you have all probably seen my butt numerous times, but I want to share more than that with you. I want to share with you the words and the meaning behind baring all in nature, why it resonates with me so much and what I hope to achieve through this blog. I need to point out that I definitely do not have a degree in literature so please do not expect punctual perfection What you can expect are discussions and idea’s related to nudity in today’s society and its relationship with body image.

It is evident that society has a strange approach to nudity here in Australia, particularly amongst younger generations. The way I see things, if nudity is considered in an artistic sense then it is completely socially acceptable. If the naked body isn’t portrayed in an artistic way, then society see’s it as either ‘weird’, ‘inappropriate’ or ‘sexual’. There appears to be no middle ground, and this creates a number of problems. We have created a perception that people who like to be naked are strange. We take a hostile approach to nudist beaches and nudists resorts and think that they are full of weirdo’s and hippies. Why? Because if nudity isn’t art, then nudity isn’t appropriate. I want to explore why we have developed this perception, and how we can help change it. Change needs to occur, because this negative approach to nudity creates a problem much deeper than the judgement of nudists.

As we grow up we learn to affiliate nudity with sex, and that nudity is highly inappropriate. As a result of this, the only naked bodies that people see are their own. The other bare bodies that we are exposed to are those of ridiculously good looking actors on TV and models who usually pose in sexually suggestive ways to help boost their Instagram following. Can you see how this creates a problem? We are forced to compare our own naked bodies to those of people who just aren’t that comparable because looking good is a career for them. Alternatively, the other naked bodies are using sexualisation as a source of income. We learn that nudity is sexual, and we learn to feel ashamed of the way we look. We also learn to put each other down when we don’t look like the people we see on TV. We are often too embarrassed to be seen naked by our own friends. We put off going to the doctors because they may have to look at parts of you that you don’t feel comfortable with. Our whole approach to nudity has created such an embarrassed, body shaming, judgemental society. We judge the people that don’t look like a perfect 10 model, and we judge the people that are comfortable in their own skin and put them in the ‘weirdo’ basket. What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Here’s where I believe Get Naked Australia can make a positive change. On Instagram, Facebook and our website we use fun photos of real people celebrating the freedom of being naked in nature to show the world that nudity is ok! I want the notion of standing naked on a mountain to be seen as a sign of celebration. I want it to become normal to jump in for a skinny dip when you come across a secluded swimming hole. I want to show the world that males and females can be naked together without any hint of sexualisation. I want people to get involved and enjoy the incredible feeling of the sun and breeze on your bare skin. It’s fun, incredibly addictive and it gets you out of the house exploring the great locations that Australia has to offer. The photos that we display on social media are usually taken as a sign of fun and involve someone learning to accept the skin they are in. Not every photo will have a 'body positive' message, some of them are just cool! However all of these photos collaboratively have a much bigger message. Its showing the world that people, particularly Gen Y and millennials, are becoming comfortable in their own skin and that nudity can exist as a positive thing without the need for judgement and sexualisation. This is the ultimate goal of Get Naked Australia.

I want to explore these topics so much more, and I want you to get involved. Involvement can be simply sharing this blog on Facebook, letting us know your opinion on these matters or even taking the plunge and experiencing that feeling of being naked in nature. We will aim to bring you more discussions on nudity, interviews with real people on these topics, great locations to be naked and fun photo competitions to get you all involved in this fun freeing movement.

Don’t forget to sign up to our blog if you haven’t already done so, and if you love what we do and stand for please spread word and tell your friends!

Until next time.


Why #nakedinnature?

Why #nakedinnature?